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Welcome to ZigZagZig we're a London based video production company which brings together a team of highly dedicated and talented professionals for each project. We have a wealth of film and video production experience under our belts. This means that you have complete peace of mind that as video production companies go – we have the knowledge, skills and ideas to handle your production from start to finish. If you take a look at the ZigZagZig portfolio then you’ll find a vast array of different film and videography styles. In the past we have worked on music videos, fashion films, event videography, short films, promotional videos, branded content, interviews and much more. We’re proud to say that our innovative methods and styles mean that you and your videos can push for originality when it comes to your content, which is something that we feel passionate about.
The importance of digital video in self-expression and capturing attention is very apparent. Videos are an exciting and very efficient way to tell your story and The original, the bold and creative tend to stand out. The first thing we do is ask questions and listen carefully to the client, as we need to know your story in order to tell it in a way we can all be proud of. We firmly believe in knowing all the rules but also know when to follow or break them. Ideas have always been the primary focus for ZigZagZig. We’re young, very passionate and have a finger on the pulse of the art form, both in terms of technology and ideas.
We aim to tap into every client’s sensibility and produce a piece of work which is tailor made for them. So whether you’re interested in a highly conceptual music video production, or a simple but beautiful way to showcase your products on video or anything to do with film or video production – Just drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help.

Book Trailer

"Eve Of Man"

Described by Tom and Giovanna as an unconventional love story set in a dystopian future, Eve of Man is the tale of what happens when you turn sixteen and realise you’re the most important person in the world.

Do you embrace your fate – or do you run from it?

Music Video

"This Beeze"

A music video for Swedish duo Flora & Cash, produced in Hampstead heath London. This is inspired by old fairy tales, a surrealistic narrative music video with an ending which is open to interpretation. All the lighting is natural, proving that nature can produce the best light, it’s all about how you use it.

Music Video

"Walking Woman"

Shot at golden hour on Brighton beach on a freezing cold winter’s day. This music video (like the song) express the uncertainty the artist was facing at the time, moving to the big city having signed a record deal. To express this we had her falling backwards into the sea something too big to control. The face paint represents the fact that she might feel a sense of lost identity moving to the big city from a small town.

Diesel Sponsored Post

"Autumn/Winter 2014"

Behind the scenes videography for a sponsored blog post for fashion label Diesel. The short video clip was used as part of a campaign for their autumn/winter collection in 2014. It appeared on all social media platforms for both the blogger and the brand.

Music Video


This music video features a woman who feels like she’s always giving with a smile but never gets any acknowledgement or appreciation. How do we express that in an interesting and unique way. A beautifully prepared dinner of course, but within this dinner her feelings are expressed but is she brave enough to actually go through with showing her loved ones how she feels.

Music Video


Here we have a narrative dance music video for Italian electronic music producer Clap Clap. The artist was inspired by African music for this project and the concept behind the music video was inspired by the artwork of the project but we created an original narrative, with dancers and costuming to go with that.

Music Video

"Deal With The Devil"

Singer-songwriter Genna Marabese approached us to create a simple performance video but with a unique concept which fits her style. In this case director M.K. Ceesay offered the idea of using broken mirrors to create an effect which adds to the darkness and despair expressed on the track. She performs in front of the mirrors and as her performance intensifies the more cracks appear in the mirrors.

Music Video

"Do You Know"

This music video features the artist playing a party host who is in his own world while the party goes on around him. Things come to a climax when he’s so drunk that he falls into the pool without the guests noticing.

Session Video


This music video was shot during a recording session for singer-songwriter Bella McKendree – she required videography for the session to be done in a neat but creative way and edited to the finished track.

Music Video / Art Film

"I Need To Leave"

A music video/art film which expresses the concept of anxiety brought about by an unknown force which plays with you, your needs and desires. This was a collaboration between a performance artist and musician which we produced at the post-production stage.

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